Welcome to the 10,000 Word Challenge!

Now, access all the accountability and support you need to crush this challenge, in under 5 minutes.

Power-Up Your Challenge in 4 Quick Steps

Here are some (totally optional) things you can to do be fully supported and ready to crush this challenge.

  • Add your name to the tracker

Add your name or an anonymous username of your choosing. Then, every day, add the number of words you wrote, or if you prefer, simply mark an X to indicate that you wrote that day!

Join the tracker 

  • Join the Facebook group

This where you can go to share motivation, suggestions, questions, ideas, screenshots of words you wrote and any and everything else that helps you get your words written.

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  • Create a Focusmate account

Focusmate is a free tool that eliminates procrastination by providing you with a virtual accountability partner any time, for a 50-minute video co-working session. It’s like magic for productivity. If you do just one session a day you’ll crush the goal!

Create a Focusmate account (it's free) 

  • Get important updates, motivation and reminders via email

Sign up to get important updates via email. You’ll also get a bit of nudging and encouragement. Research suggests this kind of positive reinforcement drives results. I won't go overboard.

Get updates and encouragememt 

  • Bonus: Now, invite a friend!

Who is your go to buddy for support and accountability?

Who do you know that has a writing project inside them?

Invite them to join us, using the links below!