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About Focusmate

About Focusmate

Our Mission

To empower creative people to achieve their goals by unlocking the power of psychology, technology and the human spirit.


Our Vision

To change the way freelancers, location independent workers, and home-based business owners feel at the end of each day so they are both confident they completed their most important work, and energized by the life they are building.


What is Focusmate?

Focusmate changes the way you work by connecting you to other professionals who have committed to being accountable for finishing their most important work.

You choose a time to work, and Focusmate pairs you with an accountability partner for a live, virtual co-working session that will keep you on task.

Research in psychology and behavioral science shows that regular human connection reduces the likelihood that a worker will procrastinate or become distracted.

The Focusmate virtual co-working model is rooted in evidence-based approaches to productivity, and systems of accountability developed by leading executive and leadership coaches.

In our most recent internal survey, 95.5% of users reported a significant increase in productivity, and reduced procrastination.


Why Did I Create Focusmate? Coach Taylor’s Story

After I left my corporate job, I spent several years struggling to build a life allowed me the creative freedom to realize my potential, while still paying my bills.

I worked as a freelance writer and tutor, started a business, and pursued numerous side hustles before eventually establishing myself as a professional coach for entrepreneurs, growth company executives, and Fortune 100 managers.

Along the way, I tried everything I could find that promised to boost my productivity, and to stop myself from procrastinating and wasting time.

I found productivity apps that helped me organize my to-do list, stay off social media, and manage my calendar.

I also developed my own systems to set long-term goals, to plan my weeks more strategically, and to stick to a strong morning routine.

After helping my coaching clients implement some of these tools, I realized that today’s digital workers need a solution for procrastination that didn’t exist:

A community to connect with like-minded individuals committed to holding each other accountable, hour by hour, for actually doing the actions contained in those todo lists and goal trackers.

I created Focusmate to help independent workers break free of the shame and anxiety caused by chronic procrastination, and to enjoy the same benefits of accountability as clients paying thousands of dollars for coaching.

Are you ready to stop procrastinating, boost your productivity, and get your most important work done, every day?

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Is Focusmate for Me?

Do you spend a large portion of each workday using a computer?

Do you work at home, or do you have the freedom to choose where you work, rather than in an office with your supervisor or clients?

If so, Focusmate was created for you!

The Focusmate community of professionals includes:

• Freelancers

• Home-based business owners

• Virtual workers

• Independent consultants and coaches

• Writers

• Entrepreneurs

• Designers

• Programmers

• Office-based workers pursuing a side hustle or passion project

Some Focusmate users have struggled with procrastination for years, while others simply want to boost their productivity and reduce distractions while working from home.

If you feel like you could be producing more, sign up now, for free, and schedule your first session!

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