Pricing Plans: Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions are answered in this handy guide!

What are the differences between Basic and Turbo?

The Basic and Turbo plans have identical functionality. The only difference is that the Basic plan limits you to 3 sessions per week, while the Turbo plan gives you unlimited bookings.


How often will I be charged?

Your credit card will be charged each month on the same day that you start your Turbo plan. You can cancel any time.


What is your cancelation policy?

You can cancel at any time, for any reason, from your Account Settings. After you cancel, you will not be charged again.


What happens if someone doesn’t show up? Does that count against my free session quota?

No. If we detect a no-show, your account will be credited. However, we cannot ensure that every session will be perfect—each of our members, including you, is human, which means sometimes a session won’t meet your expectations. While we regret this, we are unfortunately not able to manually adjust your session quota.


What if me or my partner has technology issues? Does that count against my quota?

We know that technology issues happen, despite best intentions. Unfortunately, with our small team, we cannot manually adjust the session quota for individual users. We encourage you to test out your technology and ensure it is working before your session, both for your own sake and for your partner.


I’m outside the United States. Can I still sign up?

Yes, you can sign up in any country where Stripe accepts payments. You can review the list here.


Can I pay in my local currency?

Yes. Your fees will be converted from US dollars into your local currency by your credit card provider.


I purchased a perk/discount/lifetime membership. How do I redeem it?

Your perk will automatically be applied when you upgrade to Turbo. If you have not yet told us which account to apply your perk to, you can do so here. If you have any issues, email


Will the video service/connection be better with Turbo?

Improving the quality of the video service is a top priority for the remainder of 2019. (These improvements will apply to all users, not just Turbo users.)


How do I request a new feature in Turbo?

We’re working hard to improve your experience all the time. We can’t promise anything, but if you have a request, we’d love to hear it. You can submit it here.


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