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Getting Started with Focusmate

A quick guide to start virtual co-working with a Focusmate accountability partner

Welcome to Focusmate! Focusmate makes it easy to stop procrastinating and start producing your most valuable work.

We’re a free tool and community that provides you with a live, peer accountability partner any time, for a 50-minute virtual co-working session over video.

focusmate tutorial guide


Escape Productivity Purgatory

Do you have a dreaded project - like a website, article, or your expenses - that you keep avoiding?

Focusmate guide tutorial

Or, is there a specific time of day, like after lunch, when you most struggle to be productive, or stay off social media?

Tutorial - Calendar Image


Focusmate Will Help You in 4 Easy Steps!


  • 1

    Sign up with Facebook, Google, or your email address. It takes less than a minute!

Tutorial - Focusmate Sign Up

Then set your username and time zone:

Tutorial - Set time zone


  • 2

    Schedule your first session by clicking your desired time on the calendar

If you choose a time when another user has already requested a session, you will be matched instantly.

If you prefer a different time, our system will work to match you with a partner, which sometimes takes a couple of hours.

You will receive an email confirmation once your session is booked.

Tutorial - Request Sessions Image


  • 3

    When it’s time for your first session, click your session video link on the left side of your dashboard

Tutorial - Next Session Image


When your session starts, introduce yourself and declare your intentions.

Share intentions - Focusmate tutorial


Then, get to work!

Working with FM in background - Focusmate guide tutorial


  • 4

    At the end, check in to review progress, and pat yourself on the back!


Seem simple? It is!

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