New Feature Announcements – May 2022

Desktop notifications

A much requested feature is finally here! You can now receive a reminder before the start of a session. Choose when you want to be reminded (we have a bunch of options from 30 seconds to 5 minutes) and never miss a session. Just make sure to keep a Focusmate calendar tab open in your desktop browser. This should help those of us who are prone to hyper-focus on a task and completely forget that we have an upcoming session!

You can turn desktop notifications on in your Focusmate settings, and read more about them here.

Background blur

Another much-requested feature! During a session, you now have the option to blur your background or add background effects.

Note: This feature is not supported in Safari or on mobile browsers yet.


During a session, next to the regular speaker/grid view icons, we’ve added a Picture-in-picture option that allows you to view your partner in a window that hovers above your other windows. Perfect if you want your partner on the screen at all times!

Note: in Firefox, you can activate this feature by right-clicking on your partner’s video feed and clicking on the built-in option, “Watch in Picture in Picture”.

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