Author: Taylor Jacobson

How Focusmate made me go bald

[This is a guest story written by Focusmate user Rachel Morgan-Trimmer.] I walked in the door, the weight of disappointment heavy on my shoulders. “Oh, you had your hair cut!” said my husband. “Yeah,” I replied, “But I don’t really like it. All of us have had a bad haircut of course, and mine came a the time that Macmillan (a well-known cancer charity)

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time – Interview with Stephen Warley, Life Skills That Matter

  Ever feel like you’re moving too slowly? Sleeping too much, to deal with hard-to-quantify stressors? Today I interviewed Stephen Warley, founder of Life Skills That Matter, about how to manage your energy. Listen in to learn: The simple weekly ritual Stephen uses to build intention and momentum Why knowing your values is his #1 productivity

An open letter to the Focusmate community

[Oct. 18th crowdfunding update] A huge thank you to those who have invested, helping us surpass 150% of our goal and reach nearly $40K already! If you’re interested in investing in Focusmate, you can learn more on our crowdfunding page. Launching our crowdfunding campaign has spurred some great questions and conversations. I thought I’d take the